Project Management

Project management forms the basis for a successful enterprise and its project goals.

However, it takes more than just project planning. Projects can only be truly successful when the processes are also optimised – in every phase of the project.

With viflow, you are ideally positioned to merge two basic management methods to optimise you core processes and ensure the success of your project. Visualisation of business processes forms the basis for analysing and optimising the internal processes of your company.

viflow gives you the right interface and an easy and convenient link to your project management, so you can reach your goal faster.

viflow apps for optimal Project management:


viflow DMS is the easy way to link process management with document management.

It enables you to manage relevant documents and data in the framework of your company organisation and in connection with your process management.

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Use viflow easy plan to manage your process-related tasks.

With this tool you can merge your tasks directly into the business process. The integrated fully automatic workflow with reporting and reminder functions gives you a clear overview of all tasks.

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