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What our customers say

In preparation for an ISO audit and certification, we needed a process and document management system that was effective. We had a limited time frame for this project, so the ease of use was very important for our team.

From the numerous tools on the market, we’re happy that we chose viflow. In addition to visually representing our processes, viflow allowed us to have better control of our documentation and ensure that the most recent documents were used.

Sophia Group’s training helped us get results from the software quickly. Whenever we had questions, they were available to quickly provide answers. I would recommend viflow to any business concerned with process efficiency and quality control.

Michael Muchnik - Quality Assurance Manager, Menshen Packaging USA, Inc.

KNF Neuberger, Inc. has seven locations in Europe and the United States that are ISO9001 certified. We needed a professional system to manage the QMS at each facility. The system had to be easy to use, handle multiple languages, and satisfy the ISO standard’s requirements completely. Viflow’s swim-lane approach to process modeling worked perfectly to define the interactions between departments and personnel. Connecting the global KNF companies and distributing the information to all personnel worked flawlessly.

Sophia Group did a great job training our U.S. based plant so we could begin developing processes right away. When we need to make improvements and updates on our processes, adding new elements or changing existing ones is quick and easy. Implementation of Viflow for our QMS was a big success for KNF.

Marton Szabo - Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Upon being tasked with documenting our company’s complex processes, I was concerned with the time requirement and scope of the project.

Fortunately, viflow is intuitive and user-friendly. The training helped me master the program, clarify the scope of the project, and even start modelling my own processes with expert guidance.

I had a lot of interaction with Sophia Group prior to our training, and I felt that they were more of a partner, not than just a software vendor.

I feel confident that I will be able to model our processes quickly and efficiently.

Paulette Franklin - Regulatory Quality Engineer, RELIANCE MEDICAL PRODUCTS, INC.


BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT viflow is a Business Process Management (BPM) tool that allows clients to effectively document their processes and manage related data. Many clients use it as the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). FREE TRIAL COMPLIANCE As part of corporate governance, senior management and managers at all levels have a responsibility to establish and effectively run a legally compliant organisation. ATTEND A WEBINAR HEALTH AND SAFETY viflow combines occupational health and safety information with the actual work processes in the company, so that all target groups can be integrated through process-oriented information. Previously offered solutions for internal information management have neglected this. ATTEND A WEBINAR QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS With viflow, you can forget the dusty, old Quality Management manuals. A searchable, web-based QMS, not only buys your employees more time, but also helps them with consistent task execution. ATTEND A WEBINAR RISK MANAGEMENT Risk management helps you identify critical business situations and take preventive action.It considers statutory regulations and standardized requirements in connection with your processes to form a clear basis for setting up and implementing a risk management system tailored to your company. ATTEND A WEBINAR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER Closely interlinking knowledge and processes is an important success factor today. With the systematic use of knowledge, it is possible to make the business processes more efficient and effective. This guarantees the conformity of products and services. ATTEND A WEBINAR

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