Information Management with viflow

Companies and individuals have to deal with an increasing amount of information. In many companies, information is stored in various places, and available to users across different media. Many users thus have the difficulty finding all the relevant information pertaining to process step quickly.
With viflow you can build an optimal and process-oriented information infrastructure, while connecting important information (for example, instructions, forms, help files) directly to the corresponding workflow.

viflow can solve the following tasks within an information management system:

  • Capturing the information needs: identifying and detailing all the information necessary for optimum performance of tasks (for example, activities, regulations / guidelines, principles). It is necessary to specify the information content, the form of presentation, the time of need and context. It is also possible to carry out an analysis of the external information sources.
  • Modeling of the information sources: with viflow, modeling of all internal information assets and information is simple, fast and process-oriented. It is easy to integrate external sources of information.
  • Availability of needed information: access to internal information ensures the technical and legal aspects are met (this also applies to external information sources). The information is then assigned to the business processes and organizational units / areas in ViFlow, as per the appropriate modeling guidelines.
  • Through the organizing of the information supply, the responsibility of taking care of the data sets can be defined. The use of information is simplified by the process-oriented information structure in the published viflow WebModel.

viflow Applications for optimal information management


viflow DMS is the easy way to link process management with document management.

It enables you to manage relevant documents and data in the framework of your company organisation and in connection with your process management.

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