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Imagine that your key developer is hit by the bus or your production engineer suddenly takes a job somewhere else. These are extreme cases of course, but how about the aging workforce that will retire soon?

How many companies are actually spending resources on knowledge transfer and business processes management?


For a long time in North America, we have had the culture of disruptive innovation and just getting things done. This is great to kick-start projects and get the ball rolling, but soon after, documentation is crucial.

The simple truth is that documenting your business processes will lead to more efficiencies, better quality, and deeper understanding of how customers interact with your organization. Many companies think that this processes is expensive and takes time. It is much cheaper to document your processes and subsequently improve them, than not doing it at all. Businesses that do not have their processes properly managed are much more prone to costly mistakes. One such mistake can cost exponentially more than what it costs to get started with business process management.

Don’t wait until that mistake happens to you, or a key employee leaves – start documenting your business processes today and put a quality management system in place.