Viflow Training

Our standard training package consists of two days spent with your team at your location. On day one, we cover viflow basics and go over modeling best-practices. On day two, we look at processes specific to your company and start modeling those. We often play the devil’s advocate role and ask your team tough questions about why something is done in a particular way. We often take the stance of a lay person who has no idea how your organization does something. We feel that this is a good baseline for starting the process documentation initiative, as this type of attitude will help with experts not leaving anything out and with the onboaring of your new hires.

Our training is very hands on and based on the group, we may start documenting your organization’s processes on day one. We have trained groups as small as three people and as large as twenty. If your team has Microsoft Visio experience, they will pick up viflow very quickly. If they don’t, they will be happily documenting after the second day (we trained secretaries who never heard of Visio and on the second day they were documenting processes). Our consultants are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that your team can speak freely about your organization’s processes.