The workflow solution

The growing complexity of business processes in a company creates an increasing demand for standardisation, automation and monitoring of these processes.

After completion of process modelling and documentation, the next major step in the effective implementation of business processes is execution and automation of the processes with aid of an easily integrated workflow system.

viflow – Agilium. From processing modelling to workflow.

With the viflow/Agilium combination, you can augment your processes previously documented in viflow

  • detailing with information for execution;
  • importing into the workflow tool;
  • coupling them with your ERP system and other systems;
  • executing the processes, monitoring their current status and controlling them.


  • Easy modelling of workflow processes in viflow
  • Store workflow-related data in viflow (field contents, KPIs, etc.)
  • Automated data import into Agilium
  • Automatic generation of entry screens in Agilium, based on viflow data
  • Display and measurement of KPIs in the executed workflow
  • Execution of any desired number of workflow instances based on a process
  • Evaluation of workflow performance based on defined KPIs
  • Interface library for a large number of systems (including SAP via BAPI and IDOC)

Agilium is based on a CERN technology.