viflow 6: three editions (blue, silver, and gold)

The requirements for a professional process modelling tool are very diverse. viflow has you covered, whether you are a seasoned process engineer and MS Visio master, or and admin employee tasked with documenting a process.

You can choose from viflow blue, which includes basic modelling functions.
viflow silver supports multilingual process models and has the Shared Process Modelling multi-user functionality.
viflow gold has extensive reporting and customizing capabilities. No matter what you need to document or visualize, viflow makes hard jobs easy.


$1,265 CAD
$950 USD


  • Easy drag-and-drop modelling
  • Unlimited subprocesses and process landscapes
  • WebModel creation
  • Central data maintenance
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Support for setting up and expanding standard-compliant management systems


$1,745 CAD
$1,310 USD


Same as viflow blue, with the addition of:

  • Up to nine user-selectable languages for database content
  • Extensive import and export functions
  • Support for process review and release
  • Process description with graphic
  • Shared Process Modelling (SPM) multi-user functionality


$2,385 CAD
$1,790 USD


Same as viflow silver, with the addition of:

  • Functions for individual customization of the user interface, shapes and graphics, and the WebModel
  • Extensive reporting with configurable reports and analyses