Document management and viflow

Documents managed with Microsoft SharePoint can be linked to viflow to allow them to be opened directly from the WebModel. This enables you to couple viflow to a document management system and fulfil history logging and release procedure requirements.

The easy way to manage your process documents

In viflow you can use hyperlinks to link the documents used in your company to data objects and allocate them to processes. Various sorts of administrative data (author, distribution list, etc.) can be saved for these documents in viflow.

In many cases viflow users want extended functionality that enables company-wide document administration, as well as features such as saving previous revision levels with a history log. Another frequent request is for a release procedure.

However, these functions are part of a document management system (DMS), which viflow is not intended to replace. viflow is a process management system, which supports links to documents.

If there is a requirement for the above-mentioned functions, you should use a DMS and create links to the relevant documents.

Microsoft® Windows SharePoint is a component of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with functions and tools for information sharing and document collaboration.