Linking process management with quality management

Coupling the viflow business process modelling tool with the CASQ-it CAQ software creates an optimal control centre for the consistent representation and implementation of company processes.

viflow forms the foundation for strategic planning and describes all quality-related process steps, among other things.

CASQ-it from Böhme & Weihs can be opened directly from viflow with a mouse click and directly provides the corresponding CAQ function.

Strategic process management meets operational quality assurance

Business processes are modelled as usual in viflow. At the same time, workflow objects can be used to define link at any desired process steps. This is a major advantage for managers and employees because it makes the necessary data directly available in the familiar work environment.

For example, workflow objects give QA employees direct access to their to-do lists for open incoming goods inspections and action items, while purchasers obtain current supplier comparisons at a mouse click to provide a basis for purchasing decisions. Managers can initiate a complaints analysis in CASQ-it with a single mouse click and respond quickly and reliably to production problems or customer issues. The spectrum of conceivable links between the two systems is diverse, extending from product ideas to delivery and customer support.

viflow and CASQ-it – the perfect combination of strategic quality management and operational quality assurance