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Quality Management System with viflow

Forget the dusty QM manuals:

An electronic and paperless quality management system, ensures not only quick and easy certification to DIN ISO 9001:2015 or ISO / TS 16949, but also provides your employees with the latest information on each step.

ISO the easy way: deploy viFlow, create a quality management system, directly publish to a WebModel – your employees will find reliable process information and all applicable documents, from within a web browser.

You can implement the quality management system in your company for as little as $1,265 (cost of a single license), without additional license fees required for viewing the published WebModels.

The advantages of creating an electronic quality management system with viflow are:

  • Lower costs associated with updates and maintenance of the QMS
  • Improved process-oriented information search
  • Referencing / linking to the applicable documents (for example, work instructions, forms)
  • Lower costs associated with content distribution to employees
  • Ensuring that documents are valid and current
  • Availability of data immediately after publishing
  • Viewing of WebModels using a web browser without license costs
  • Thorough linking of process models with activities, information and organizational units
  • Interactive process graphics