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Compliance with viflow

Compliance and monitoring of control measures achieve a significant increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and minimize risk in more and more businesses.

In order to achieve that, legal requirements must be monitored, efficient internal controls must be set up, IT- and business risks identified and reduced, and process transparency has to be ensured. viflow is an important tool for the implementation of the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or the introduction of an Internal Control System (ICS) for these measures.

With viflow, you can:

  • Assign risks and controls to processes
  • Build central risk and control catalogs and assign them to the processes
  • Manage and document relevant IT permissions (Who does what in the system?)
  • Create analysis:
    – Which risk in which process?
    – How many risks in a process (comparison of processes)?
    – What control for what risk?
    – Who is responsible for the checks?
    – Which controls are found in a process?
  • Link processes to finances (how as much influence has a process on the financial performance of the company?)
  • Manage process-relevant risk minimization measures